NT Oodles

About Us

NT Oodles is a husband and wife team, I’m Taighen Lang and my husband is Brent Lang. We both grew up in a small country town on the Murray River. Brent’s family bred larger dogs for sheep work and retrieving, and ran a small business boarding dogs for the locals. Our experience with dogs began from a very young age and our interest and love for animals continued as we grew up and started our life together more than 15 years ago.

As children, both of our families owned family pets of the smaller breeds. Brent has fond memories of their dearly beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, ‘Raffy’ and ‘Maggie’ who were much loved and extremely spoilt family pets. They were playful, well behaved and had the most beautiful temperament.

We relocated to Darwin in 2006 and purchased a rural property with plenty of space. NT Oodles was born when we decided to start a family, which meant I would be at home on a full-time basis and could easily invest the time nurturing and caring for our animals. It made perfect sense to begin breeding given our combined love for animals and extensive experience in breeding.

We were inspired to begin breeding Cavoodles and Spoodles given the absolute perfection that can be obtained from the breed. We wanted to be able to share this passion of Cavoodles and Spoodles with Australia whilst also ensuring you are purchasing a puppy from a trustworthy, honest and reliable breeder who genuinely care for their dogs’ health and happiness. We work very hard to ensure at NT Oodles our puppies are well cared for and raised in the best possible environment.

We live on a 5-acre block in rural Darwin about 30 minutes from the city centre. We have plenty of room for all of our beautiful dogs. Darwin, unlike other areas of Australia, has two very distinct seasons that are quite different. Unlike Winter/Summer, Darwin is divided by Wet/Dry seasons. It is consistently warm all year round although temperatures in the dry season remain a beautiful average of 31. In the wet season (Nov-April), we can experience monsoonal rains and things can get wet but never cold.

You may think that these conditions would make it difficult for our dogs and puppies but in fact, we believe that the consistency of conditions (warmer weather) makes it easier for them and the bonus is that they never have to endure the freezing winter temperatures. Newborn puppies are unable to regulate their own temperature during their first few days of life. So, to ensure mums and babies are comfortable, our puppies are born into a custom-designed, temperature-controlled nursery. This guarantees the best start to life.

All of our dogs live in the finest facilities. And our wonderful relationship with our local vet ensures the best support in every aspect of our puppies health and wellbeing.

We are full members of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB), member number 16136. Our membership enforces our commitment to breed happy and healthy pet dogs and also requires that we undertake annual animal-focused, quality assurance welfare audits carried out by an independent practising veterinarian.

You are welcome to visit our facilities and view the parents, although we do enforce some restrictions to protect the health and wellbeing of our puppies. We prefer that you attend when a puppy is secured and they are roughly 6 weeks of age. This is when Mum will be more settled and happy for her puppies to be handled by others. We also have to protect the dogs from the many diseases and viruses that are prevalent in the Northern Territory (and Australia) including Parvovirus; a highly contagious, life-threatening viral disease. It can live in the environment for months and may survive on objects such as clothing and shoes. Of course, all of our dogs are vaccinated against this horrible disease however our puppies will not be fully protected at such a young age. As you can appreciate, we are extremely careful in allowing visitors into certain parts of our facilities. We trust that you understand our position.

A lot of the people we hear from are interstate therefore we know a site visit is not possible. In these cases, we will work closely with you to ensure you get all the answers you are looking for and feel comfortable with your decision.